Breaks For All Surfing Levels


© Photographer : Greig Sharp

Other Breaks In The Area

M.I.A Surfcamp is not only blessed with five accessible reef breaks directly in front of the camp, but we have  access to another 25+ breaks in the area; ranging for beginner surfers to advanced surfers.  Here is just a few listed below.

Burger World

Burgerworld is a swell magnet that is always the spot to go if there is little swell around.  It's best size is 3ft but can't handle too much more then that.

Mind you, photo's look awesome as the waves break on the side of the island and is perfect for snorkeling. 

Pit Stops

Pitstops is a real fun right hander that produces perfect little barrels.  This break is suitable for all surfing levels and is the locals favourite.  

It has a beautiful bay right beside it that is great for swimming and sunbathing.


Beng Bengs

Beng Bengs is very simular to BurgerWorld but a left.  It produces burger like barrels and is at it's best at around 3ft.  

Good Times

Good times is suitable for all levels of surfers.  This fun wave has a mellow takeoff and long walls to play with and then when swell picks up, it’s a great spot for advanced surfers looking for some carving sections. 

4 Bobs

4- bobs is suitable for beginners.