Breaks For The Extremist


© Photographer : Greig Sharp


M.I.A Surfcamp is not only blessed with five accessible reef breaks directly in front of the camp, but we have  access to another 25+ breaks in the area; ranging for beginner surfers to advanced surfers.  Here is just a few listed below.


This is an extremely long and fast right hander that barrels and shuts down at any give time.  This is a break only for advanced surfers and surfers all around the world come to the Mentawai's for their chance to give it a go. 


A world class left hander that pushes along the curved reef to create long fast barrels.  


Dog Reef

Dog reef is a fast short left and right hander that is becoming one of our favourite waves out in the Mentawais.  



A heavy left that breaks over shallow colourful reef suitable for confident surfers.  It's definitely a popular wave for all board-riders. 

No Kandui

No Kandui is definitely for experienced board-riders and requires full commitment.  On it's day, this left hander looks mechanical as the barrels work down the line.