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Click each photo to know the crew.

The Owners - Shannon & Kylie
Originally grew up on Australia's Gold Coast before moving to Margaret River for a number of years. After our 1st trip to Mentawai Islands, we decided to move permanently there in 2012.

Favourite Break- The Klit (out the front) & Rifles.
Surf Guide - Dicko
Been with us since the beginning. He lives in Australia's Margaret River and has a lot of knowledge of the area. Best to take his advise if you want to surf.

Favourite Break - Rifles and Bankvaults (out the front).
Staff Manager, Boat driver & photog
Been with us for 5 year and born and raised in Siberut.

Favourite Break - Nipussi (in front of camp).
Surf Guide & Cook - Stuart
Has been caretaker at the camp over xmas and will be working with us through the year. He is an ex pro snow boarder from South N.S.W Australia.

Favourite Break- Kandui
Maintenance & Landscaper- Agus
Has been with us for 4 years. He is an average surfer but love to charge (check out the photo).

Favourite Break- Pitstops.
Main Driver- Martha
Martha has been with us from the beginning and he will be the one picking you up from the airport and organising you in Padang.
Main Cook- Anjel
Been with us for 3 years and is the main cook that prepares all our delicious meals.
Surf Guide & Photog
Has been with us for 3 years. He is from Sebastion Inlet Florida.
Bartender/masseuse- Cin
Our in house masseuse and bartender. She is fully qualified in Reiki, holistic therapy Hawaiian and Thai massage and meditation.

Favourite Break- Burgerworld
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The staff at M.I.A Surfcamp have been with us for a min of 3 years.  We are very lucky as they are all hard workers and always make sure that the guest are looked after.

Click on the photo's to get a brief description and see what their favourite wave is.

We now have an in house masseuse and bartender at camp, few new surf guides and of course Dicko is still with us.

Without this crew, we would not be where we are today and fully appreciate what they do for us.