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Compulsory Travel Insurance is Required

All guests at M.I.A Surfcamp must have compulsory Comprehensive Travel Insurance and proof is required before your arrival. Your safety and protection of your belongings is paramount, therefore it's a crucial requirement and without it you will not be allowed to stay at M.I.A. Your travel insurance/s must cover:

  • Your personal  belongings including surf equipment

  • Personal accident and emergency medical evacuation.

Not all insurance companies will cover surfing equipment therefore it's highly recommended you pick a company which specialises in this area.


All visitors to M.I.A must have pre-organised Emergency Evacuation Insurance for the purpose of the unlikely event you require an emergency evacuation.

We will require a copy of each of your travel insurance certificates, along with emergency contact phone number and policy identification details.

If you are unsure which travel insurer to go with, please reach out to our team as we are happy to assist you.